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No matter what type of event you are planning, long after the evening is over . . . "It's the MUSIC & FUN they'll remember most!" Current Wedding Cost by Category Cost % People Remembered % Wedding Attire $2,710.00 9% 18% Wedding Ceremony $2,627.00 8% 5% Wedding Favors & Gifts $1,166.00 4% 5% Wedding Flowers $2,048.00 6% 16% Wedding Jewelry $2,148.00 7% 5% Wedding Music $991.00 3% 38% Wedding Photography $3,836.00 12% 2% Wedding Reception $14,737.00 47% 8% Wedding Stationery $881.00 3% 2% Wedding Transportation$426.00 1% 1% Grand Total $31,570.00 The Evening's Entertainment is the MOST IMPORTANT AND LEAST EXPENSIVE ELEMENT Of A Successful Fun Wedding Reception Celebration! As you can see, your mobile entertainment company is responsible for 80% or more of the success of your wedding or any other event. While most of this speaks to weddings because more data has been collected on weddings than other event types, it can still be applied across the board to all event types. Your choice of MC and Musical Host is one of the most important decisions you'll be making as you plan your event. There are many horror stories of the lowest priced DJ company providing an inexperienced disc jockey, an illegal or inferior music library, low-end equipment, poor people skills and late arrival or a no show. Steve Estabrook Entertainment has prepared this information to help you evaluate the entertainment you may be considering. You may want to print this and use it in comparing the companies you are considering. "Things to Think About !" As you have gone through our web site, the word "professional" has been used from time to time. This stresses the need to hire a professional disc jockey service. Your event is important; you want it to be successful. You want your guests to enjoy themselves. In the case of a wedding reception; this likely is a defining day in your lives, something that will be remembered for years…..You want it to be an event that is enjoyed by all. We are also stressing the importance of hiring a service that is committed to providing the best service they can to their clients at a fair price; committed to bettering the disc jockey industry as a whole and committed to bettering themselves, which all goes to what their goal should be; making your event the best it can be.To us, the customer always comes first. There are movements and associations afoot that will attempt to persuade you as to what specifically to look for in a disc jockey service and that if you consider a service that is not a member of their association, or guild, you will be “let down". They will use the term “average dj" and will look to persuade you that it would be in your best interests not to hire a disc jockey that is a"part time" operator, but to hire a "full time" operator; further suggesting the "part time" operator, for some reason or another, is not qualified. They will affirm that they are not just "average dj's", but specialists; “wedding entertainment directors" and the like. Please do not be fooled by fancy names and designations. Many fancy names and/or certifications/designations can be obtained simply by writing out a check or by being part of a clique. At this time there are no national certification or standards program in place for disc jockey services. Be aware that some will link certification with pricing; the more certifications; the higher the price. Price does not necessarily equate to value or quality. Plus, all a certification means is that you have passed some sort of test; it does not mean that you have the experience and a DJ with all kinds of certifications and no experience to back it up is an accident waiting to happen. Always find out how much experience your DJ has at your particular event type and ask the DJ to back it up with references. Don’t let others cloud the matter with fancy titles, talk of certification (s). Be wary of any service that, in an effort to sell you on their service, discredits others or utilizes "scare" tactics to garner your trust and business. Ultimately, as the client, you know what and who you want and need at your event. On the subject of a "professional" and who is and who isn't; the dictionary defines "professional" as: “ following an occupation as a means of livelihood or for gain". The reality: it is very difficult, particularly in this area, for any person to make a living solely as a disc jockey. Typically to earn a income that a disc jockey and their family can live off usually means that the disc jockey has to either become a multi-op (several disc jockeys doing several events) or offer other products/services to add to the existing revenue stream. There are no facts, or evidence to suggest that you would be better served by a “full time" disc jockey, versus a “part time" disc jockey The dictionary offers another definition of professional: “a person who is expert at his or her work (e.g. You can tell by her comments that this editor is a real professional)." It is this latter definition we feel is the criteria that you, as a consumer should consider. We have stressed that you need to consider a service that operates and holds themselves out in a professional manner. Look at their website, speak to them personally, meet with them, make sure they protect your rights by requiring a signed contract. Ask if they utilize professional grade equipment and a legal music library. Build a level of trust with your disc jockey. Your “gut" will separate the good from the bad very quickly. Price, while a consideration, should not be the sole determining factor. Bear in mind that a properly equipped disc jockey service will have close to $20,000.00 invested in sound, equipment, lights and music. At any typical wedding reception, your disc jockey is there for 4 to 5 hours. Your disc jockey is charged with the responsibility for the success of the largest part of your reception; the part your guests will likely remember the longest. Consider what you are paying your caterer, your photographer, and other vendors present at your event when considering the rate the disc jockey service offers. The following are some tips and questions to consider when shopping for a disc jockey service. Please consider them when making the all-important choice for your event. We are also available should you have any questions, related to our service, or questions in general. We are committed to you, the client! Does your DJ have experience? With experience comes confidence and knowledge. Many things can happen during an event, both expected and unexpected. A DJ's ability to handle any situation that could arise can have a profound effect on the success of an event. Of course, it is not just experience that counts but it is one important factor to consider. Does your DJ have backup equipment available on-site? In case of equipment malfunction, your DJ should always has backup equipment immediately available, not "back at the shop" in which case you could have music interruption time of an hour or more. Does your DJ have an adequate music selection? Does the DJ you are considering have the music knowledge and music library depth to ensure variety in music selection? Does your DJ use professional grade sound equipment? There is a tremendous difference in quality and reliability between home stereo equipment and professional duty sound equipment. Your DJ should use nothing but the highest quality, professional sound equipment available. Only by using good equipment can you be reasonably assured of quality sound and reliable operation of the equipment. Will your DJ guarantee your complete satisfaction? Your DJ should provide quality assurance to the client. For instance, they should guarantee your complete satisfaction and be willing to do whatever is necessary to make you completely happy. Some people view DJ's as a commodity and choose the cheapest one they can find. However, an inexperienced entertainer can make the difference between an "EVENT TO REMEMBER" and an unforgettable nightmare. If You Are Searching For The "Cheapest" DJ, here Is What You Will Get! * Inexperienced & Underdressed For Your Occasion. * Shoddy Home Stereo Equipment "Plopped" Sloppy & Unorganized On A Table. * Small Variety Of Music Selections. Cheap DJs Are Not Experienced! Experienced DJs Are Not Cheap! "It's The Most Important Day In Your Life . . . Isn't It Worth Investing In Quality?" The checklist above is just an idea of some of the factors that distinguish a true professional from an amateur. You should also consider the personality of the party host and the ability of the person to involve your guests in the festivities. Courteousness, politeness, general appearance and announcing skills are other important factors to evaluate. Clearly, there is a lot to consider if you want the very best entertainment for your event. Don't take unnecessary risks, thoroughly check out the entertainer you are considering hiring because you deserve nothing but the best! Steve Estabrook, Owner of DJ Steve Estabrook Entertaiment

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